A GenX Guide to Empty Nest Life

The Kids Are Alright... If you are a GenXer who's facing an empty nest... If you are/not feeling lonely or lost after your children have left home... I'm here to say after the initial adjustment, life is great and you're not alone. I've been swimming in this new ocean for five years and it's been… Continue reading A GenX Guide to Empty Nest Life

Walk with Me to the River

From my little corner of the world travelling down our humble road, on this calm, quiet Mother's Day I am pensive. It's an overcast day but I am surrounded by my comforts, a loving, thoughtful husband, a lifetime of books, nearly 1000 in my personal library, among the other things that bring joy. We don't… Continue reading Walk with Me to the River

Empty Nest Life: A Visit to Verona Vineyard

I have enjoyed a Verona Vineyard's wines over the past decade, after finding their Rabbit Hash, KY tasting room. I recommend the Petit Verdot. But I had never been to the vineyard until last weekend. I had been looking forward to the guest Colorado chef but we received an email that morning that he was… Continue reading Empty Nest Life: A Visit to Verona Vineyard

Serendipity: Finding One’s Self in a Eulogy

I believe in serendipity. Today I was going through paperwork on my desk and found the eulogy that I wrote and delivered to family and friends for my brother's celebration of life just over a year ago. The memories provoked a year ago when I wrote it were intense, and so are my memories today.… Continue reading Serendipity: Finding One’s Self in a Eulogy

Cosmic Dancer to Cosmic Couch Potato: The Plan to get Rid of My ‘Pandemic Bulge’

I find myself three years since the beginning of the pandemic twenty pounds heavier. When one is height challenged like I am, that's a big deal. With working long hours at a desk at home in close proximity to my refrigerator and not enough physical activity, the pounds crept up one me without me realizing… Continue reading Cosmic Dancer to Cosmic Couch Potato: The Plan to get Rid of My ‘Pandemic Bulge’

An Easter Visit to Krohn Conservatory, Cincinnati

Nestled in Cincinnati's Eden Park, Krohn Conservatory is a great place to visit on a spring day. The conservatory is filled with Art Deco details and contemporary art surrounded by plants from around the world. There are several greenhouses to tour, each maintaining different climates for the plants that they house. As a native Cincinnatian… Continue reading An Easter Visit to Krohn Conservatory, Cincinnati

A Visit to Gideon Owen Winery & Speakeasy

Catawba Island, OH This was not my first visit to Gideon Owen Winery, but it was the best so far. I had a great dinner in one of the glass houses with our friends up north. Even though it was a cold, windy evening, we were toasty in the beautiful setting inside the glass house.… Continue reading A Visit to Gideon Owen Winery & Speakeasy